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What do we do at Dolloza? We provide high-quality, realistic sex dolls that are the best in the marketplace these days and can fulfill your most desired sexual fantasy. has come a long way from the original ‘blow up doll’ that has often been seen as an object of humor. Today offers sex dolls that are lifelike and easily adjustable with a range of body types, hair colors and facial features. Made from authentic silicone materials, these dolls feel as real as they look and offer a sexual experience that closely imitates having sex with a real woman and provides a man with a rich, varied and safe sex life in the privacy of his own home.


Formed in response to a real need for a high quality sex doll, was started in 2013 to address this need. We have extensive experience in the sex industry and are committed to providing the perfect doll, tailored to your own individual needs and preferences. Shop on our user friendly site and see the extensive selection of gorgeous girls provided to fulfill your every fantasy. Our dolls are all made with silicone, which is a natural, safe material that ensures each doll feels like the real thing. We aim to provide the best sexual experience possible. Our dolls are premium quality and semi-inflatable, which ensures they feel authentic and have arms and legs that are bendable and easily arranged into many different sexual positions. Our semi-inflatable dolls are also durable (unlike the typical fully inflatable dolls, which have a tendency to pop at awkward moments) and easy to carry and store. This makes them ideal for travel or use outside of the home. Our sex dolls are made to last a minimum of three to five years and are extremely durable. Not only do they have lifelike features and individual body types and hair colors and styles, they also feel as real as they look. The vagina and anus are also made with silicone and will make your sexual experience feel authentic and extremely pleasurable.


So Many Benefits!


Our dolls are truly modern. Made of silicone, our sex dolls are so realistic that they can nearly take the place of a partner and allow you to fulfill any of your sexual fantasies like you could with a real woman. They also feature many incredible textures and sensations that mimic the feeling of a real woman to help you fulfill all of your sexual fantasies safely and with maximum pleasure.


If this is not reason enough to try our sex dolls, consider the added benefits. You will never need a condom since there is no risk of contracting an STD or an unwanted pregnancy. You can have sex any time of the day or night and can even use it when you travel in the privacy of your hotel room. They are quiet and never complain or judge your performance or technique. Added to that, it is a lot of fun and will enhance your sex life.


Another added bonus is that the sex dolls are not solely for single pleasure only. Of course they are ideal for your own person use alone. However, they are the ultimate extra if you want to extend the fun with a partner. Using the sex doll can take bedroom action to a whole new level and enhance your sexual enjoyment, as well as that of your partner. They are a great way to improve a lover’s technique or use of positions. These dolls can also be great to use in creating a threesome sex fantasy worrying about jealousy or bringing emotional damage into the relationship.
The benefits to one’s partner do not stop there. By masturbating with a sex doll, a man can match movements made while having sex with a partner. This can result in learning how to stimulate the clitoris in some positions or find out how to get the deepest possible penetration. Although this type of experimentation can become tiresome or even painful if continuously done with a partner, a doll is patient and always ready to practice.


Why Buy a Doll?


It is a fact that many men would like to be sexually active on a regular basis but may not be in a relationship. There may be several reasons why a man does not want to be in a relationship. Some men may not be ready for the intimacy of a monogamous relationship while others may not have found a woman who has the characteristics they are looking for in a partner. Some men may have been in relationships that hurt them emotionally and are not ready to start again. Relationships in which the woman became too attached and may have started to stalk her partner once they broke up may have severe emotional effects. Or a man may have been emotionally hurt by a partner who was unfaithful and not feel that they are ready to begin to think about entering into a serious relationship. Others may not have the time to begin a serious relationship. All of these could be reasons why a man would be interested in using a sex doll in order to have a sexual relationship without the emotional pain that may have gone with previous relationships.


The very real risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease, entering into unwanted physical intimacy, or not being able to find the right woman for a long-term relationship are all reasons men may have for using a sex doll. Another advantage of using a sex doll is that it can help relieve sexual tension and allow him to focus on other areas you need to concentrate on. Unlike a real partner, the sex doll allows a man to use it when needed and then switch off in order to focus on work or a special project or another item needing attention.


A sex doll is also just as helpful in the home as away from home. If a man comes home to a beautiful woman who can listen to him, keep him company, and give him sexual gratification, the idea of a relationship may seem more attractive and offer an alternative to loneliness. In this way, a sex doll can provide many benefits. If a man wants company and a feeling of companionship, but is not ready to enter into a relationship, this doll can help. If a man is shy or awkward around woman, the sex doll can be helpful as a way to become more comfortable in the presence of a women and give him the confidence he needs to learn to interact with the opposite sex and perhaps reach the next step in his sexual life and future relationships with women.


Using the sex dolls to help reduce problems with premature ejaculation is yet another advantage. A man can use this doll to help decrease the inability to control his ejaculations, usually caused by over excitement. If he continues to have sex with a non-judgmental ‘woman’ regularly, he may be able to increase his sensitivity to sex and control his ejaculation. Using a sex doll may also help men extend the time they can spend having sex with their partner.


Another advantage to relationships is that using a sex doll could help increase variety by presenting types of arousal that a man may not be able to ask his partner to satisfy. This also allows him to experiment without fear of judgment or rejection and in turn can lead to greater self confidence and sexual skills, which makes it likely that he will have satisfying sexual encounters in the future.


Sex dolls allow you to have sex without any limit except that of your imagination. You can try things he has not done before such as getting the blowjob you always fantasized about or trying anal sex for the first time. You can choose to caress, cuddle, thrust or lie in any style or position you choose. The doll has the same realistic body type that a normal woman has so they can focus on non-penetration; for example, they also have breasts so that you can focus on this area if you wish. Not only does it allow a safe, unbiased area to experiment in, it also allows free rein to sexual expression. The blow up dolls can be used with sex toys such as bondage gear, vibrators, or other implements and can give you a chance to try things out in a free space.


Use and Care of Our Sex Dolls


We have designed our dolls to be easily posed; the limbs can bend and they can be put in almost any position so that you can place the doll to have the sexual experience you are looking for. You can dress your doll in any way that you wish and style their hair in a way that you find attractive. With the beautiful doll dressed in sexy lingerie or outfit of your choice, with a body shape and proportions you have chosen, and with a lifelike vagina and anus, you can have the sexual experience you may have only been able to fantasize about previously. Your doll will feel real and so will your sexual experience. You can let yourself go and have sex in any position you desire and live out any fantasy you have.


The sex doll is easy to care for. Just wash her with warm water with mild soap added to it and wipe her off. Be sure to let her dry completely before she is stored in the place you have allotted. Baby powder can be used if you want to keep her skin feeling smooth. If you follow these steps and make sure your sex doll is taken care of on a regular basis, it should last a minimum of 3 to 5 years.


We Offer a User-Friendly Shopping Experience


We have designed our web site to be easy, providing extensive descriptions and information about each doll we have in our selection. We use the highest internet security to allow you to place your order securely and we will never pass on your information to any other party- your information is completely secure with us as we take your privacy seriously.


Our shipping is fast and discreet. When we ship your doll, we will package it and send it to you in discreet wrapping so that it looks like an ordinary package; your neighbors will never guess what is inside. We ensure that your order remains confidential and your privacy is not violated.


We Have a Strong Commitment to Customers


We value our customers and our products and services reflect this. Not only do we offer the best prices, we also provide excellent customer service. We also welcome questions and feedback on our products. You are the reason we provide the products and we listen to what your needs are. We provide a high-quality yet reasonably priced product, ensure your safety, security, and privacy, and make sure your shopping experience is a pleasant and convenient one. Our commitment is to provide the best service and the best product possible in order to ensure you have the best experience possible.


Our products are of high quality and we have made them to be durable, safe, and pleasurable. We feel confident that we have the best quality sex dolls on the market. The positive feedback and referrals we receive from our satisfied customers seems to support our claim. We get messages from our customers all over the world about how pleased they are not only with our dolls but with our customer service, which is available 24/7 to you. The descriptions in our catalog are informative and accurate and we are always looking for ways to improve our product or offer a better variety to ensure your continued business.


Due to our extremely high standards, commitment to excellent customer service, and competitive pricing, we feel that you are sure to have the best experience possible. We commit to keeping your information safe and secure and making sure your privacy stays private; we will never release or sell your information to other parties. We feel we have a lot to offer you as a customer but we are also aware that your business is why we are here. We take your business seriously and value the strong relationships we build with our customers. We know that as a customer you have a choice when you shop and we feel confident that you will be happy if you choose us. We thank you for your business!


Sex Robots are the Future


It’s been a long time coming, but sex robots are not far away from being a regular part of our daily lives. Sure, the technology needs to improve itself quite a bit, but we here at are actually in the process of bringing this fantasy to life. Imagine a world where you call her name or ring a bell and your sex robot, or what if you had multiple sex robots, all came running to you and then simply asked what they can do for you. You may simply ask her to assume the position and be on your merry way. Well, these fantasies are only a short time away. For now, enjoy our delicious and sexy dolls we have to offer.


A Commitment to Customer Service


It’s a fact that a kind of “technology war” is being raged in the adult entertainment and sexual products industries. That “technology war” is a good thing, because it means that the prices for very realistic sex dolls, dolls that are almost indistinguishable in photographs from living, breathing women, are coming down and have never been lower. Where once you had to be willing to put down five, six, even ten thousand dollars for a sex doll that was realistic enough to simulate a living woman, you can now by a very well made, high-quality, super-realistic sex doll for only a fraction of that total price. This means that a doll who closely simulates your every sexy fantasy in a woman can now be yours and she is accessible to almost anyone at nearly every level of income. It is truly a wonderful time to find yourself in the realistic sex doll market. But with these reductions in price have come many imitators who are not nearly as high-quality as the products we sell. Beware of cheap imitations! This is where you should be mindful of peer review, meaning that when other customers relate their experiences with our site and with our products, you should compare these to those for other, similar, but inferior sites. We are the best in the business and we will prove it to you with our commitment to truly superior customer service. If you are not happy and satisfied, then we are not happy and satisfied. We are committed to a process of continuous improvement, meaning that “good enough” never satisfies us.


We will work hard to see to it your order is processed efficiently and swiftly, your doll is shipped to you promptly, and any follow up questions or concerns you have are immediately and properly addressed. We do not simply sell you your product and then abandon you. Our business model is built on the need for repeat customers. Whenever a new customer shops with us, we see that as the start of what is hopefully a long and very satisfying relationship between us. To that end, we will make sure that no matter what, you will want to come back to us again and again. Ideally, we’d like to see all our customers build harems of our dolls. We realize that’s not every discerning customer’s goal, but hey, we have to shoot for something, right? In the meantime, whether you’re looking for one girl or a hundred of them, we will do our best to make sure that the product that arrives at your door is of the highest quality and at the best price that we can possibly manage. When you uncrate your new lady friend, we want you to be as happy as you can possibly be, and if we can also arrange for you to be pleasantly surprised, then so much the better. That is our promise and our commitment to you. That is the focus on customer service that has made us a world-class provider of sex dolls and related personal gratification products.


Imagine Your Every Fantasy Answered


The beauty of one of our sex dolls is that she is everything you need in a woman, and nothing you do not. What if you could have every single sexual fantasy you have ever dreamed of, without having to worry that your lady friend would say no? What if you could have whatever you have ever desired, in an atmosphere of complete acceptance… and complete discretion? What if you had a girlfriend whose sex drive exactly matched your own, who always wanted what you wanted, who never nagged you and who never asked for a moment of your time that you were unwilling to give? What if your new girlfriend enjoyed all the same television shows you liked, never asked you to go to a “chick flick” you didn’t want to see, and who never once asked you, “Does this dress make me look fat?” You might say that such a “dream girl” has never existed, but we would argue that she does, and we have her, not to mention all of her friends with exactly the same attitude and temperament, right here in our factory? We are of course talking about the high-quality sex dolls that we sell. Our dolls are gorgeous. They look every bit as good as a living, breathing woman and, in fact, they look better. That’s because our girls are tailored to exactly those features and measurements that a man finds most attractive. In today’s world, there is a huge push for “fat acceptance” and other “body positive” imagery. Famous lingerie companies are producing advertisements with “normally sized” women in order to make the fatter, uglier girls feel better about themselves.


The fact is, though, that no man wants a fat, out of shape girl. We like what we like, and a discerning customer who knows what he wants understands that he wants a girl who looks good, according to the traditional standards of what makes a sexy woman. Every one of our dolls is tailored to the range of tastes that real men have for sexy, beautiful girls, and all of our ladies are patterned after models whose are sure to fire your desires and stoke your passions. When you buy one of our high-quality, lifelike sex dolls, you are purchasing a sexual fantasy. You are getting a smoking hot, gorgeous woman who will do whatever you ask of her, who will never question you, who will never criticize you, and who will never step out on you. Where is she right now? Why, she’s wherever you left her, and she will always be there for you. Whether you want a sexy lady for wild nights in which you release your passions, or you just want a companion to snuggle up to when you finally go to bed at night, she’s there for you. Want to wake up with the gorgeous girl of your dreams? Our girls do that for you, and they never wake up one second before or after you’re ready to go.


Perhaps the greatest and most unattainable fantasy that any man has for himself is the idea of a partner who is completely, totally in sync with him, a partner who puts him first and who always caters to his desires. Most women simply aren’t capable of this type of devotion, but your Dolloza sex doll is. She will always be there for you, she will always be everything you want her to be, and she will never, ever fail you. And if after a long and healthy life of useful service she does develop some problems, well… nobody would fault you for trading up to the newest, sexiest model from our product line. And, hey, if you roll her up in a carpet and leave her for the garbage man to pick to up, nobody’s going to call the cops, either. The old joke goes that you don’t pay a woman to sleep with you; you pay her to leave. Well, when you buy one of our dolls, you’re paying once, getting as much service out of your new girlfriend as you’d like to get, and then dropping her the moment she no longer meets your needs. That’s why we’re here, and we would be happy to see you coming back again and again to upgrade and replace your lady friend. That’s what we’re here for. That’s what we do.


No Drama and No Baggage


Let’s be perfectly real, here: The world of dating is difficult. Women can be, well, a lot of trouble. The average woman doesn’t know what she wants, and if by some miracle she does spend time with you or even get into a relationship with you, there is an awful lot of grief you’re going to have to put up with for the dubious privilege of her company. When you’re dating a woman, especially a very attractive woman (most of whom know they are attractive and who realize how much power this gives them), you’re like a Hollywood movie executive: You’re only as good as your most recent effort. That means that she’s always going to be asking, “What have you done for me lately? What’s more, she’s going to be constantly testing you while her roving eye looks over the field of other men to see if there is anybody else who is better than you. This is a concept called “hypergamy” in sociology. It means that women are always looking for a better deal, so to speak, and a hot girl will drop you the moment she thinks she can find a guy who makes more money, is better looking, has a better car, or whatever else. Even if you get lucky and get that hot girl who is one out of a thousand will actually give you the time of day, date you, be loyal to you, and actually have sex with you once in a while, then there’s also the issue of everything she’s got going on in her life. Women are constant sources of drama. They all have baggage, whether it’s from former boyfriends, their families, their financial situations, or whatever else might be happening in their constantly troubled lives. The hotter a girl is, the more likely she is to have complex problems, and that means that her problems automatically become yours the moment you take her out. Is that really what you want? Most guys are willing to make that trade at least temporarily if it means they get to date a smoking hot girl, but the fact is; most guys also get tired of this arrangement eventually. You know the old joke: No matter how hot she is, somebody, somewhere, is tired of dealing with her crap.” Well, that is never truer than of a gorgeous lady.


With our dolls, however, you get all the benefits of a smoking hot girl with none of these real-life drawbacks. Your hot new girlfriend has never been with anyone else. She is a virgin. She is yours and yours alone, and that means no drama with ex boyfriends, no baggage or hang ups caused by bad relationships from the past, no hassles from her family (and no in-laws), and, best of all… no jealousy! That’s right: Your new girl will never give you grief if you flirt with a pretty waitress, or even if you bring one home. She’s never going to give you any static about anything you do, even if you meet other women and date them. Now, your live dates might not understand your doll, so you may not want to introduce your living girlfriends to your lifelike girlfriend right off the bat, but the fact is, she’s just as happy waiting in a closet for you to get done doing what you’re doing than she would be if she was waiting for you on the bed. Your high-quality sex doll from Dolloza is absolutely the best of all possible worlds, with none of the drawbacks that are the product of dating a “real” living lady. In fact, we think you’ll quickly become so accustomed to the wonderful benefits of your Dolloza girl that you’ll soon see her as every bit as “real” as a living girlfriend. She is the absolutely best we can provide you. She is the most realistic, the most lovely, and the most well executed product we are yet able to produce, and we are always striving for improvements. If you buy from us today, don’t be afraid to buy from us again. Every time you do, you may see small improvements or even large ones, as we constantly refine our product line and our product offerings. This is, again, a reflection of our commitment to customer service, and it is one that we take very seriously in our quest to serve your needs.