Maintaining yourself is very important to gain confidence with women. Our dolls don’t care what you like but obviously real life women do especially ones that take care of themselves. The whole reason we have brought that up is that if you have read our blogs, confidence is the key to life. Confidence not cockiness will get you laid. Confidence will get you the girl of your dreams. So make sure to maintain yourself by exercising and eating right as well. Get yourself a doll and use that as motivation as the real thing. However, our dolls are as close to the real thing as you will find out there and this is something we have heard from countless customers. Here is a story we have shared glimpses of that put into perspective what we are talking about. We had a friend who was lazy, overweight, and didn’t take care of himself. So what did we do to advise him? Well we told him what we know best and that was to to get a sex doll and see if he likes it. He ended up getting two different sex dolls and after that his life was never the same on multiple fronts.

First he started to clean himself up by shaving and getting a haircut. All of a sudden he started to eat healthy and started to diet. He subsequently lost 50 lbs and started to even dress better. Just from the doll! Well you might ask how could a doll push a man to do that. Its simple. It increases your desire to pick up real women and seeing how beautiful the dolls are and how much fun you have with them because of their looks and bodies, it will push you to do what you got to do to get the real thing or at least half of that maybe a 5/10 at the worst. So after that along with the sex dolls he was a man on fire. We would go out and he would pick up girls left and right. We would often think what changed and it was just the hair and the weight loss. It was the confidence and girls smelled it immediately. He even got a girl to eat his sex doll out and she found it very kinky. Now that aint bad! If you could find a girl to eat your sex doll out then that’s a keeper! When you realize the transition from being a normal guy to that guy you dream of being (confident) then your life will change in more ways than one. Don’t take our word for it but try it out. Enhancing your sexual experience with the doll will bring your orgasm to a new level and will help to prepare you for sex with real women which is ultimately one of the biggest benefits of having a sex dolls. So a stallion plus a man who practices with sex dolls as a leg up literally and figuratively on other men over the desire of a women. Girls can smell a confidence man and there is no bigger turn off in life then a man that is not confident. You will exude confidence like you never have before and won’t even realize it. We are curious as to how you guys are doing out there and hope for those who have been successful to continue being successful and for those of you who aren’t yet to continue to grow and improve. Practice makes perfect don’t forget that. We have reiterated this point multiple times but we are realizing something else that’s just as important. That is being in sex shape, there is good shape and there is sex shape. By practicing these moves you can get in good sex shape will all these moves.

Here is a move that all women love:
– Clitoral stimulation: Don’t forget the importance of foreplay! Foreplay gets you ready, her ready and wet and makes your orgasm more powerful and enjoyable. Spend as much time doing foreplay as possible up until the point where you can no longer handle it. Foreplay is a downfall for the sex dolls but don’t let that deter you from still practicing and remembering to do this. Lack of foreplay is often cited in sex that isnt good because you don’t build up a climax. ou can combine the sex doll experience with the real thing by banging the sex dolls before they get there but stopping before you orgasm. So back to specific foreplay techniques. The number one is the clit and how to manage the clit. The clit is hidden under the skin at the top of the pussy. So make sure to move that skin out of the way! It’s like getting a blow job over a condom! So by peeling back that skin the clit will come into move. Once it comes into view than you can rub it softly initially and then more firm. Every girl is different when it comes to having their clits played with and what they like. Some girl will like a direct side to side and some will like an up and down and some will like a combo. You will know pretty fast about what they like.