Catch Them and Reel Them In

Okay guys. Let’s say you’re sitting there wondering and thinking to yourselves – hey, I got the girl, now how do I GET the girl? There’s always more to it then it looks! It’s a bit complicated, so take out your notebooks and get ready to learn how to wine ’em, dine ’em, smooch ’em, and sex ’em. Did last night’s date go good? After you show a girl you are interested and she clearly shows she’s interested in you too, that’s when you can start reeling them in. First step, you caught them. You took her out on a couple of dates, you probably spent most of your paycheck on this girl, you’ve been seeing her for a couple of weeks now. We bet you’re thinking it’s time to reel them in. Well, you’re wrong. Jumping right into the sack with a woman is not always the answer. Take some time to understand the woman a bit more before you reel ’em in. This is what we like to call “baiting”. You caught her, good for you. But now she’s hungry, so throw down some bait. Show her how interested you are about her. Ask her about her work, her school, her family. Feed her. Make her feel like you want to know more about them. After you catch them and bait them, reel that sucker in! (sucker is not intended to be taken in the wrong way here! Do not be offended!)
So Step 1 – Catching. Now how EXACTLY do you catch ’em? Well, there are many ways in doing that. Call her up, text her, take her out, show her off to the world, be proud to be with her. You are trying to reel her in, right? Well, don’t just skip the catching and baiting. It’s a whole process that needs to be comprehended correctly. Once the woman shows a great amount of interest in you, that’s when you throw the bait, hoping she’ll take a huge bite out of it. How do you know when your prey is caught, though? (again, prey is not intended to insult or offend anyone!) Simple. You will notice your woman has interest once she starts to want to know YOU a bit more. Once she starts asking you more and more about yourself and what you like to do, THAT’S when you throw the bait. It’s all in the timing and sometimes knowing the timing can be a bit tricky. But once a woman is interested, it will be obvious. Okay, ready for Step 2?
Step 2 is baiting, of course, the fun part. But it is also a difficult part of the process to do. You have to ask her the right questions, you have to show her the right amount of interest you have in her. For example, if you show too much interest in her, she might think you’re clingy or possessive and that’s just not the image you are wanting to give off, am I right? But if you show too little interest in her, she might get bored and go off and find someone else to satisfy her. See? It’s tricky. Women don’t like to wait forever, so you have to let her know you’re interested, but NEVER come off in the wrong way because you might just lose that catch. Never ask anything too personal about her, this can also send out the wrong vibes that you are wanting to avoid in situations like that cialis generika potenzmittel. You never want to ask the wrong questions because it can result in a very upsetting ending and well, you won’t get laid. You’ve done all of that work to NOT get laid? No. Just keep a clear mind and ask her the questions that you want her to ask about you. Nothing too personal, nothing too weird. Just simple questions. But always make sure you seem interested in every single word that comes out of her mouth because while she is answering your questions, you can bet she is reading you and trying to see just how interested you truly are. Just be yourself, don’t be fake. And baiting should be a simple and easy step to achieve. Now here comes the fun part.
Step 3, Reeling. Now how in the world do you reel them in successfully? Well, come on. You’ve come this far and went through all the trouble it took to catch and bait them. You can’t give up now. Catching them was easy. Baiting them was a bit more complicated. So reeling them is going to be very tricky but if done right, it can lead to many satisfying rewards! So the key to reeling them in is making sure the relationship is at that point. Have you guys even talked about the possibility of having sex? Have any of the conversations you have had with this woman steer into a whole other direction, perhaps a sexy direction? Making sure the moment is right is very crucial into knowing that she is ready. You can’t just say, hey wanna sex? Nope, not going to work. You just chased her away, scared her, and it’ll probably be another two weeks before you get laid again. So how do you know the moment is right so you don’t screw it up and not get laid? Well, pay attention to her. Every single aspect of her. Pay attention to what she says and HOW she says it. Read between the lines. Watch her body language. A woman says a lot just by moving one part of their body. Does she touch you a lot? Tries to get close to you all of the time? Then yes, she’s ready. Reel it in and enjoy your catch. So you now know how to catch ’em, bait ’em, and reel ’em in. And you had really fun last night with your prize-winning catch. But now you want to do it again. You can definitely do it again. But follow these steps first. Catch them again! Go on, it’s time to throw her back in the water and try to catch her one more time. Go on, try your luck. But how do you do that without her swimming away? Well, after you had sex with her and it’s the next day, what exactly do you do? Repeat the process. Ask more about her. Learn more about her. Show her INTEREST and lots of it. And don’t immediately have sex with her the next day. Come on now, guys. If you just go ahead and try to have sex with her again the next day, she’s going to do what women are known best for doing. OVERTHINKING AND OVER-REACTING. She’ll keep thinking to herself, well darn. Here’s another guy who wants nothing but sex. And yes, women do think that if you try again too soon to “mount the prize on the wall”. But here’s where it gets a little more complicated.
Why does it have to always be so complicated? Well, anyways, the reason why it got a bit more complicated is because you don’t want to wait too long either to engage in sex again. This will lead the woman to thinking, well what did I do wrong? Was I not good enough for him? Do I suck at sex? And yes, that’s how the female mind usually works. So what would be a great time to try again? Well, I say two or three days. Once you have had sex with her a few times and a sexual relationship has started, that’s when you no longer have to worry about catching, baiting, and reeling. Even though it doesn’t mean you have the right to be an a**hole. Don’t forget what it took to get that reward on your wall. Always remind her how special she is to you and always try to learn more about her. This way, she’ll think you really are interested in her (which you really should be!) and getting laid will become so much easier and much less of a complicated headache. Yes, we admit that getting there can be a bit much sometimes. But in the end, it’s all rewarding. It’s all worth it. Not only do you get to learn more about someone you care about, but you also get to learn more about yourself this way.
Even if you’re not looking for a serious relationship and you’re just looking for strictly a sexual one, these tips will also help! These tips can work whether you are looking for a sexual relationship with just one woman, or more, or they can work if you’re looking for a serious relationship too. Well, that’s about all we have to say on this topic for now and we hope our words of advice will help at least one person out. There’s more to sex than just sex and until that is understood, the sex will never be satisfying for you.