Coital Alignment

September 1, 2015 admin

Hello y’all Dolloza fans! Hope all you guys and maybe some gals are doing well. We have met with our staff and we are on the verge of creating some new dolls that will add to your collection. As always we hope you guys are enjoying our dolls. The word we have gotten back from you guys is amazing. The pussy of the dolls really mimics the real thing as good as anyone out there can do. When talking about different sex positions its important to understand the coital alignment. This technique can be applied to many different sex positions. However, when used as a variation of the common position known as missionary, the male lies above the female instead of the usually spot right in front of her. He puts his penis in the doll or the women and moves up on the girls body until his penis is no longer facing up which is the natural curvature of the penis but is pointing down. Essentially using the vagina as a grabber to pull it down. Now the benefits of this is that portion of the penis that you see otherwise known as the dorsal side is up against her clitoris. Men don’t ever forget the importance of clitoral stimulation in either one achieving a primary clitoral orgasm or two using it as an adjunctive to whatever you are doing.

Also, the breasts fall into the same ball park of using it as adjunctive to whatever else you got going on. A lot of men forget to take this tip with them when they get in the bedroom and get too tied up to just the sex position itself and not whatever else goes with this position. In order to enhance the position you have to be able to please in multiple elements of the women including sexually via the sex position and your hands either with the breasts, clitoris, or just plain caressing and kissing the neck. These are the things that will put you over the top and maybe even get that girl who says she has never had orgasm before to orgasm. We all know them and we find it hard to believe. Either something psychological is preventing them from achieving an orgasm or they just haven’t come across the right man to do the job. If you read our blog and take what we say and practice it then we are confident that that guy will not be you and you will have an arsenal of techniques on how to please a women not only by reading this blog but also by performing and practicing with our dolls. So back to the coital alignment technique. The top part of the penis when bent down will be going up against her clitoris. So with the rhythmic motion of missionary not only will be able to please her vagina you will be able to hit that clitoris which will just bring everything over the edge. She can also decided to wrap her legs around his to be able to position herself where she likes and where most wants his penis to be hitting. Rocking upward and downward stroke will build up the arousal that will allow but the man and women to peak and maybe even orgasm together which is a great thing because it brings a lot of sexual pleasure to do it that way. If the women wants to get on top and do a similar thing it’s called the reverse coital alignment technique akin to reverse cow girl.