How to get a girl step 1

Welcome to another edition of the blog that will get you to the next level of pimping. Go back and read our previous blogs to get up to speed on the benefits of reading this blog and getting to a point where you will be able to get any girl you want. It’s not easy to learn the skills of how to get girls and the only way to do this is through experience and through trial and errors. Our dolls are some of the best in the world and not only that, they are the most affordable. Our dolls can be used to learn how to bang and bang and bang and learn how to last longer. The ability to last longer is the key to pleasing a girl. But you will be asking how to get to that point. Well that is what this blog will be about. Here are the keys to getting girls in easy steps:

The first step is knowing yourself. Some may think what’s that mean to know thyself. Well we will tell you that this is the most important step of getting girls. It sounds corny and weird but trust us it is the most important step to get to know yourself and be able to get the girl you are looking for whether it be for sex or for a long distance relationship. You can get to know yourself from a sexual standpoint using the dolls. What this entails is learning what sex positions you like best. Also means what you like in a women which is a huge thing! Are you looking for a woman who is fun and outgoing or a woman who is serious but fun. There are countless types of different women out there and the sooner you know the type you are looking for the better off you will be. The only way to know what kind of girl you are looking for is to know thyself. If you are the kind of guy who is stressed out all the time and serious that maybe its better for you to get a girl that is the opposite of you who is able to be laughing and joking around. However, this may annoy because you may like to be serious and goal oriented all the time. Therefore, if you know yourself you may be the type of guy who is looking for an equally serious, goal oriented person that will help you to be the person you strive to be. Also you need to know what kinds of things you like about yourself and thus what you would like in a girl. So if you know what kind of girl you like and the hobbies that you like to do than you will be able to identify these things in a girl and know how to have fun. So for example, you need to explore your hobbies and figure out what you like to do. For example, if you like to golf and if you try to find a girl that golfs as well you will have the best first date if you go golfing. Imagine a scenario where golfing or whatever hobby you would like to insert there, is your favorite thing to do and your girl does not like to do it, then you are going to have a major problem. You can imagine if you both like to golf you will have a situation where you will have so much fun and by doing something you both like you will bond much better and get to know each better. Other questions you need to ask yourself is who you are? And what are your hobbies and what are the things you like and don’t like. By knowing yourself better you will know what to look for in a women. We have seen countless times guys who are confused about who they are, enter into a long term relationship and constantly fight with their girl but they themselves don’t who they are.

So we are going to talk about some techniques to get to know yourself. First things first is realize that you are not set in stone. Basically, what this means is that you get old you continue to evolve as a person and therefore as you evolve your preferences will change. So don’t look back at who you were and think that is who you are today. You need to constantly analyze yourself and think about who you are and what your preferences are based on who you are today. We can’t tell you the amount of times people have changed and don’t realize it and consistently make the same mistake over and over again with different partners. For example, our friend Alex used to be a fun happy go lucky kind of guy who enjoyed women who were also similar to him and didn’t take themselves so seriously. As he aged he changed and became a person that was much more serious but he didn’t realize it because he didn’t do any self introspection. Self introspection is very important because it is a way you come to peace with yourself and fully understand who you are. Don’t expect to just sit there and not put any effort into who you think you are and expect it to just fall into your lap. Self introspection is a constant thing that requires deep thought and sometimes meditation where you ask yourself very important questions such as who you are, what you like, what is your purpose in life, what kind of things do you enjoy in life, what kind of things do you look for in a women, what makes you happy, what makes you sad, do you want kids, do you like to travel, what kind of things do you like to do, what are you hobbies. These questions should be constantly asked about yourself that way you know yourself better. The people that know themselves best are the one that are the happiest and most confident not only within themselves but in their relationships. So back to Alex… He continued to find women that his previous self would have been interested in which are happy go lucky, fun girls, who didn’t have much going for them. He didn’t do any self introspection and didn’t get married until the age of 45 and finally had his first kid at the age of 50. So you don’t want to be like that because you want to be a young dad and find yourself in a relationship where both you and your significant other are confident in themselves and in the relationship. This builds trust and love and long lasting relationships.

The next key step to getting to know yourself is taking time to try different things. By doing this you will figure out what you like and don’t like. This entails doing things out of your comfort zone or even doing things that you never thought you would do. For example, if you never thought you would play tennis because you thought it was boring and then you try it one day and love it you will be so happy. Imagine, developing your tennis skills and then meeting a woman or man who knows how to play tennis too. It is developing the relationship with someone you don’t even know yet because you took the time to explore yourself and try something new. Other things can be tried such as art classes, or jogging and weightlifting and different forms of exercise, watching foreign films, volunteering and creative writing. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as you take the time to explore yourself and learn things you like because if you never do it you would never know. By learning yourself better through activities you never did, not only will you get to learn about what makes you happy, you will have the opportunity to meet other people at these events. So if you are a loner and stay home all the time you will not be in a position to meet other people and leave your comfort zone. The moment you take the leap and leave your comfort zone you will be very happy with yourself and what this brings. Things that may entail leaving your comfort zone could be getting a sex doll. Our sex dolls are the best and by getting a sex doll you are taking the time to try different things. And by trying different things you will not only learn yourself but will also improve in your sexual skills by using the dolls to practice various sexual positions and also by being able to last longer in bed which is a common complaint of many women.

Well that’s it for today’s blog. Our upcoming blogs will be the continued theme of how to get girls. To summarize, today we talked about knowing thyself and why that is important. In the upcoming blogs we will continue this discussion and what is necessary to get to the point where you can get any girl you want.