How to get girls part 2

Welcome to the continuation of the blog about getting girls. Our previous blog we talked about the importance of knowing thyself. To summarize, it is important to know yourself so you know what you are looking for and that way you will be satisfied as opposed to the guy who is confused about himself who continues to look for girl after girl and not know what he is looking for. He may improve on his ability to get the girl but then he spends two minutes with her and is not satisfied. He may get sex with her but that will only be short lasting as opposed to creating relationships that are longer lasting and able to bring more fruitful sex. On a side note, there was a survey done that looked at the happiness of men and women in particular in the sexual relationship. what they found was that man who had more frequent short-term relationships this meant more sex with more women were less satisfied than men has sex with last woman that had better relationship leave them hard to engage in sexual activities. they found that the reason he says is that sex means more although sex with somebody you don’t anticipate spending the rest of your life will not be as meaningful comma however when you are having sex with somebody that you know it is a much more enjoyable experience rather than just doing it to get a nut off. It is important to realize that not all things are edged in stone and you will continue to change. However it is important to go out there and challenge yourself to learn how to best cope with other people.

So onto part two of how to get a girl. Next up getting a girl is being able to express yourself. So basically what this means is that you need to show the girl who you are which includes expressing individual things about you. These things are important in anticipation of getting a girl because it is the very thing that will help you to get a girl that is right for you. On a side note, we previously discussed the importance of nonverbal communication. Non-verbal communication whether you like it or not is part of expressing yourself. The issue with non verbal communication is that you need to be familiar with what you are expressing and with non verbal it may not be as obvious. For example, if your nonverbal communication expresses to the other person that you are a depressed quiet person then this may the person you are attracting to yourself. It is still a form of expressing oneself and arguably a more powerful form that direction verbal expression of one’s thoughts. You need to learn the ability to analyze your own nonverbal behavior so that you can control what message you are sending out there and one that is consistent with who you are as a person. You maybe asking why this is important to control your nonverbal communication let alone your verbal communication? Well if you get a girl and you fake her into thinking you are somebody that you are not, then the only person who will be unhappy in that relationship is you. You will be left pretending to be somebody you’re not and you will have to go out of your way to do things that don’t make you happy. By the way before we continue, these are all things that you need to work on before you can and should approach a girl to try and pick her up especially if you are looking to be a in a relationship with someone you actually like which makes everything way better. Sex is not as fun with a random stranger, but try having sex with someone that you think is cool and understand and accepts you for who you are.

Verbal communication skills are next and also very important in expressing yourself. So once you figure out who you are as a person by challenging yourself into going to through the experience of analyzing oneself, then you can create a verbal and nonverbal communication that is consistent with one’s beliefs. On a side note, the sex dolls are great for developing the skills needs to get to know oneself because it may teach you that you may want to be alone more rather than in a serious relationship or you may learn the vast ways that we described previously of how a sex doll can enhance your relationship sexually and emotionally which will be discussed even further in future blogs. So back to verbal communication which in the beginning aspects of a relationship needs to be calculated because you don’t want to slip up and make them think you are somebody you aren’t. This initial part of getting to know someone is a very sensitive part of and it’s a make or breaker because this is when impressions are made and unfortunately they are long lasting for the most part. So this is the reason why one you must know yourself and two you need to work on expressing yourself so that it is consistent what your beliefs. If you express yourself in ways that are consistent with your beliefs and the girl that you decided to talk to and approach will be someone that learns who you are through both verbal and nonverbal communication and will be able to make a better decision of whether or not she wants to continue to talk to you. And you know if she wants to continue to talk to you then you know she likes you for you are because everything in your body language and verbal communications says you are whether it be a quiet yet confident person or a talkative but shy person.

The other key to expressing yourself occurs on subsequent dates but can happen on the first date if she gives the opportunity. This entails what you decided to talk about and what activities you decided to do on your date. Keeping in mind that your verbal communication is being expressed as you talk, but your nonverbal communication is constantly being shown to others. So if you are a fun easy going guy you wants to pick a date location that shows that cialis rezeptfrei schweiz. It may be seem common sense but we know countless guys who go to the movies with their girl on the first date. This is the worst idea especially if you are a talkative outgoing person. What kind of message is this sending someone about yourself if you are going to the movie and you can’t even talk but you really want to talk. You are going to tell the girl that you are a quiet reserved person when in fact you are very outgoing and want to communicate in a different light. Therefore you need to pick a location that suits who you are as a person. If you are the kind of person who like to go out, eat, and have a good time drinking then don’t go to the movies. The same thing goes the other way around! If you are a very quiet person but are shy obviously to show this to a person and you decide to take the girl out to the bar then you completely messed up your expression to this girl about who you are. On the small chance this date goes well then you will need to continue to maintain this image of who you are which will make you unhappy and make the chance of the relationship lasting and being enjoyable to you less and less. There are so many failed relationships in this world and one of the biggest reasons are highlighted by the stories and examples I highlighted above. You need to be true to yourself so that you can be happy in your relationship.

Well the last two blogs have all been in preparation about the actual steps about getting a girl. We have spent a lot of time describing the two most important things before we tell you ways about getting a girl and that is knowing thyself and expressing yourself. The two go hand in hand in importance because if you know yourself you can express yourself to the other person. There are a lot of people who know thyself but can’t communicate it which defeats the whole purpose of everything. There are also people who don’t know themselves and communicate the wrong message to people and are constantly happy. You want to be the person that is able to communicate, express yourself and know thyself so that you can be in a relationship that allows not only you but also her to be happy. The next blog will get into the nitty gritty of how to pick up a women. Stay tuned!