September 5, 2015 admin

Hey Dolloza fans how you all are enjoying your day today. We have a great blog planned for the day which will include lots of sex positions. We are competing with the kama sutra with most sex positions. Our sex dolls are not only some of the most beautiful but also will provide you with the most real feeling. It is easy sex with a girl any time you want, any position you want and no fear of STD’s! You can orgasm inside of her, not have to use a condom, or you can bust all over her face just like many men have dreamed of doing. The silicon sex dolls will last several years and will be able to handle the most aggressive of men, hey! Some of them like aggressive men. Have no doubt if used right, read right and performed right you will become a confident man who can please any girl that comes his way. If anyone tries to tell you otherwise don’t believe it

The levitation: Girl and guy will be in the same position facing one another face to face, chest to chest, private part to private part, heart to heart, stomach to stomach, leg to leg you get the point. So take your hands and lift your body off of the ground and scoot towards one another such that your dick ends up on her inside so she’ll have one leg in between your legs and you’ll have one leg in between her legs. Once close enough he’ll put his dick the pussy and you will be connected. Once “connected” you can both lean back and use the ground and your feet pushing off and arms holding up as leverage to move in and out of her. She can also get close enough and you deep enough to have her clit touching your pelvis so as to stimulate her clitoris. You can additionally spice up things by dropping an ice cube down her stomach and having it settle in her pelvis.

The face-off: In this move the guy is sitting at the edge of the bed and the girl hops on top of his dick facing towards him. Then he uses his arms to support her against him and she rides him up and down. Shes strong enough to support herself thus freeing up your arms to wander. Dont forget two things with this move and every other move. It’s all about foreplay for the many reasons we’ve stated before which is the ability to get the girl wet, to get the girl horny, for you to become horny, for you to sharpen your skills, increased your ability to pleasure yourself and her better, gets you in the mood, makes your orgasm better, and increases your duration by fighting your bodies desire to bust a nut fast. It’s all about lasting longer. Why is it important to last longer? Well the answer is easy. By lasting longer you increase your ability to please another woman dramatically. By pleasing other women you increase not only the orgasm quality you may increase the quantity. If you can increase a woman’s orgasm quality and quantity than you will be the king of the bedroom and far beyond that. Now the other things is that your hands are free you have to play with her ass by grabbing it and smacking it if she’s into that; putting your finger up her butthole and even putting another finger up her pussy even though your dick is there if she’s into that. some girl like that squeezing tight feeling in there. So do what you got to do but also dont forget about the tits. They always get neglected especially if you aren’t a tits guy but they are the key to getting her over the edge and you becoming the man.

Well those two moves should be enough to get done what you got to get done. Be assertive and confident in all that you do. It doesnt matter if you get the girl an orgasm or if you pick up all the girls if you don’t have confidence you won’t be happy and your happiness is more important than anything else. If you can fix and work on that you will be the ultimate person and have everything you want. Happiness will increase your job satisfaction and maybe even your job prospects and salary.