Maximizing Guy Things

July 31, 2015 admin

The most important thing is looking at how we can make our customers happy and obviously it comes down maximizing the doll experience and minimizing the expense. We will continue to work to make this happen. We have been getting a tremendous amount of positive feedback on our sex dolls. As a company we are happy that many of you are enjoying your time with the dolls and that we are able to take your sexual experience to another level. Our sex dolls are of the finest quality and if you have bought one we know you can attest to that. We strive to make the highest quality product, with the most beautiful real life features and we will not let high demand take away from high quality. Our sex dolls are not only some of the most beautiful but also will provide you with the most real feeling. It is easy sex with a girl any time you want, any position you want and no fear of STD’s! You can orgasm inside of her, not have to use a condom, or you can bust all over her face just like many men have dreamed of doing. The silicon sex dolls will last several years and will be able to handle the most aggressive of men, hey! some of them like aggressive men. So we have some new sex positions for you guys and they may actually be enough to be more than karma sutra in terms of how many we have described. Here are some sex positions:

-The act of balancing: The man will lay on his back with his legs apart initially. She then sits down between his thighs and the guy can than use her hips to guide her pussy down onto him. So the girl lays down onto him with her back to him so that she is essentially sitting and she can keep her legs off the ground by bringing them up. The guy can also do the same by bringing them up so that your ass is off the ground almost. The girl is essentially at the edge and has her hands free to do whatever she wants with them. This is the part where you need to coach her into what you like most. At this point she can one thing or several things which includes grabbing your balls, grabbing the shaft of your dick as its going into her, playing with your asshole, or rubbing your perineum. The perineum is an excellent sensitive spot and if done right can bring the orgasm to another level. It heightens everything and the reason this is the vast amount and type of nerve endings that are in this area. It helps to bring the experience to a good time. So in this position you can transition to 69 just before the guy is about to come so that he can bust in your mouth and get more focused attention on the sensitive spot. This position as you can tell is more about the guy. Its hard for the guy to reach around and grab your tits and grab your clit or rub it. However he can still rub your back which is very sensual and many girls like this. This move is slightly more complex but if done right can give a guy the best orgasm. If a girl wants to make her man happy she will learn how to do this move and use her hands to pleasure him more. She can use this move as a way of learning what her man likes most and maximizing that. Its important for the girl to learn what a guy wants. This is important later on but up front it should be the guy doing all the important stuff to keep the girl and then later he can pull out these kind of moves to get his maximal pleasure.