Ram a Dam, Dam

August 13, 2015 admin

Now this blog is about finding the one. What does that mean to find the one? Well we mean it in a sexual way. The one is the person that gets you going in bed unlike any other. The one that can get you hard even right after an orgasm. The one that can you to cum in 1 minute. The one that gives you multiple orgasms each sexual episode. The one you think of when you get horny. The one you dream of when you have a sexual dream. How do you find this one? Well the answer is trial and error. Our blog has provided with you several ways to increase the amount of trials you can do to get these girls. In order to get the trials you need to do some of the things we talked about. One of the most important is having confidence as we have alluded to in the past. If you have confidence you can get the hottest girls despite your look. Girls have an ability to smell confidence and this gets them real excited and allows them to look past any of your inadequacies that you may think you have, Use our blog and read up on all the things we have talked about including how to perform different sex positions, increasing your sexual repertroire. Take this confidence and go to the bar knowing you can take down any women there and show her the time of her life. Don’t let her know your secret but do share your secret with other men because it is “guy code” to do so. What are you waiting for go get the doll of your dream. We have a great selection of dolls to just scroll through and pick the one that turns you on the most. Girls can smell a confident man and there is no bigger turn off in life then a man that is not confident. You will exude confidence like you never have before and won’t even realize it. We at Dolloza had a friend who home one day who asked us how he can increase his confidence. He had other things not going his way such as his weight, and he was balding but he didn’t let that get him down. We told him to get a sex doll and see if he likes it. He ended up getting two different sex dolls and built up the stamina, confidence to go out and get real girls. He subsequently got a hair transplant and lost 50 lbs. after that along with the sex dolls he was a man on fire. We would go out and he would pick up girls left and right. We would often think what changed and it was just the hair and the weight loss. It was the confidence and girls smelled it immediately. He even got a girl to eat his sex doll out and she found it very kinky. Now that aint bad! If you could find a girl to eat your sex doll out then that’s a keeper! Now here are two sex positions

The ram a dam: Ramming up the dam basically means plugging the holes up. For you as one guy this means one penis in her vagina or ass and a dildo in the other available hole. The reason we are talking about this is that some girl have a fantasy to be double penetrated and most guys don’t want to be doing that with another so a dildo is a great solution. Before you do this you must get them super horny and spend extra time loosening up their holes especially the anus because this can stretch them and they need time to be loosened up and have their muscle contrast. You can do the double penetration from many positions including missionary, doggystyle, and reverse cowgirl and also the ono bono. You can give them the dildo and tell them to go after the other hole. If they are doing it fast you can assess their excitement for it. If they are slow with it maybe they like it slow, are shy, or don’t want to do it. Dont force them but you will know early on if this is what they like.

The middle piece: This move is good because it allows you to get real up close with your girl or doll. This move is different because the guy is laying on his back with his legs spread out which is usually the position of the girl. The girl then lays on top of him with her legs close together and puts his dick right in between her legs and she lets it in. This move is good for men who are extra big as the girl can control how deep you go in and protect her from getting hurt something that will make her like you more. Then its also good for the guy because the way the girl keeps her legs together tightens her muscles and makes her pussy tighter and a better experience than loose. Our dolls are made in a way that they stay tight and our material is one of a kind. Our dolls are made with the best material and will mimic the real thing better than any dolls out there. They are gorgeous and second to none.