Rough to Intimate Instructions

August 4, 2015 admin

You need to find the best girls that can maximize your potential and also care about your pleasure. Up until know we focused on getting the girl but now it’s important to spend time finding girls that care about your pleasure which we started to described ways to do that in the previous blog. By finding the best girls what we mean is creating beautiful, voluptuous, big tittied, nicely shaped pussies and assholes. On top of that we are working on creating a better oral sex experience. The oral sex experience is a good addition to the other aspects of the doll you know and love so much. It is so much fun to be able to do different things with the dolls so that you can enjoy your time with them. Most importantly is being able to translate your experience with the dolls to the real thing. We have the best dolls and your doll experience with our dolls are second to none. How do we know this? Because we get this information from our buyers and we have to know our own product. There has been some recent surveys trying to figure out why the divorce rate is so high and what is constantly in the top 5 of reasons is the man’s poor sexual skills. Women need good sex and so do men and if they don’t get it they will go elsewhere and cheat on their significant other. Do you want that to happen to you? You want to be the guy that girls are coming to you but hope those girls aren’t married because if they are you should turn them away for the sake of the guy code. Guy code is an important thing to understand and if all guys listened to the guy code it would be a better world. More thoughts on the guy code in future blogs. But in short the guy code is so important to the better functioning of man and it’s time that we get our lives back in order and get our women back under our wings. Its time for more sex positions and more practice as practice makes perfect.

-The Curled banger. This position maybe the favorite of some girls because it frees the guys hand and increases intimacy if that is the thing you are going for. In this position the girl curls on her side, draws her knees up and then the man comes in from behind and spoons her. This move is good in the sense that she can not see what your dick is doing or when it will go in so that element of surprise can create extra excitement and maximizing things. In this position, it is then easy to penetrate. Now this move frees up the guys hands to go anywhere he wants. If you want to grab her pussy tell her open her legs like a scissor and get your hand in there so that you can reach around and grab her clit and rub it and maximize her pussy orgasm. Then you can also go ahead and grab her tits and squeeze them. Its very important to learn how to play with tits. You don’t just grab them and hope you are stimulating them. The most sensitive part is the nipple and if her nipples are nipping out than you are not doing exactly everything right. You need to rub her nipples in a way that is circular. Also if you could reach over and play with her skin and rub it they will love that as it makes them feel more comfortable. If you could get them to feel comfortable then you will be in control and they will at your beck and call for anything you want from there on. Also if you are into rough this move is excellent in two ways. One you could use hands to grab her neck if she isnt into that kind of thing. Always make sure to test the waters before you do something like that because it can be potentially back lashing if they feel threatened. Feel them out and if they like it rough and naughty and if they do chances are they will like that also. Also you can thrust very hard and use her body as leverage for you to position yourself to go in and out of her fast and hard. By grabbing onto her you can increase your strength and speed of penetration.