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Blonde Britney

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Product Description

Britney is a fashionable sexy love doll who looks like a typical sexy blonde. Some even say she reminds them of Britney Spears, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

Detailed Description

1. 100% Premium Quality
This love doll includes materials made of 100% silicone including a chest, stomach, hip, and back with an extra thick design to make her feel like a real woman. She also has very nice tender nipples that are elastic which make them feel as real as possible. Her silicone vagina uses the best and latest technology to make it feel like the real thing.

2. True Reverse Mold Vagina and Anus
This sex doll uses an extremely sexy and lifelike vagina with two holes for twice the pleasure experience. Her vagina uses a true 100-170mm diameter vagina with an entry just like the real thing. The internal walls of the vagina are ribbed which make the pleasure extraordinary.

3. Highest Quality Materials
This sex doll is not a “blow up” inflatable sex doll made from just plastic that can pop at anytime. She is a semi-inflatable sex doll which means that the majority of her structure are 100% true silicone, but you must inflate her a small amount to give her a true robustness. The ability to deflate makes for easy storage. She is made using the highest quality materials which make sex with her as close to the feeling of a true woman as possible. She is also odorless, non-toxic, washable, and very durable.

4. True Flexibility
This sexy love doll integrates adjustable limbs meaning you can adjust her position however you want for the ultimate sexual experience! Made with a polymer of synthetic resin (silicone), her artificial joints can be manipulated however you want. You can stretch or bend her limbs for a variety of various sexual positions and have as much fun with her as any other woman!

Height: 165cm
B/W/H: 91/58/88cm

1) Vaginal and anal sexual intercourse.
Whether you want some fun alone with her, or to improve on premature ejaculation, she is perfect.

2) A decoration or an artwork at home.
She has a real gorgeous face, sexy makeup, a removable blonde wig, sexy body, and fashionable sexy clothes.

Why Buy a Sex Doll?
1. As most people know, men and women are so very different. The female orgasm is rare and hard to obtain and a sex doll allows you to experience sexual pleasures without having to worry about that.

2. Not all men want to be in relationships or married, but all men want to be sexually satisfied. Having a sex doll fulfills both those wants.

3. There is a guaranteed clean vagina and anus with a sex doll. No sexually transmitted diseases.

4. Work on sustained sexual intercourse and avoid premature ejaculation by practicing on a sex doll.

Sales & Returns:
All sales are final. We do not offer refunds or exchanges of any kind. The doll pictures are for illustration purposes and may or may not reflect the actual doll due to customization and manufacturing processes.


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