Sex Doll Blonde Jessica 4
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Blonde Jessica

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MSRP: $500.00

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4.88 out of 5

Product Description

Jessica is by far one of our sexiest love dolls. Just take one look at her face and her gorgeous body and you’ll see how hot she is. She has a silicone pussy, anus, and mouth that feel nearly as good as the real thing. She is ready to fuck right out of the box. Don’t worry about STDs, getting her pregnant, or spending money on fancy dates. Jessica loves sex anytime of the day or night and feels and looks absolutely amazing! Order her now and fuck her brains out!

Detailed Description

Jessica has a calm, cute and innocent look that just makes you want to alternate between taking care of her and fucking her brains out. With her short and sassy blonde hair cut and large luminous eyes, Jessica looks like your best friend’s younger sister who always had a crush on you when you growing up. Of course, at that time, she seemed like such a pest always spying on you and your best friend as you nip into the vodka his dad kept in the basement while you two took turns masturbating to his extensive collection of porn magazines.

If you have always secretly wanted to fuck that little sister, Jessica gives you the chance to relive this fantasy again and again so that you never tire of it. With her voluptuous D cup breasts and slim hips, Jessica looks perfect in a variety of different clothes. If you dress her in your favorite type of clothing when you are done fucking her, Jessica makes a great piece of artwork that is an ideal piece to adorn any room.

Designed of a special silicone like material that gives Jessica a remarkably lifelike appearance and feel, this sex doll also features realistic details that are sure to get your cock saluting in no time. From her rock hard nipples and luscious areolas set within her firm breasts to the many diverse and intricate folds of skin that make up her juicy pussy, Jessica is the perfect sex doll for any horny man or woman who wants to practice their technique.

With her reverse mold anus and pussy, Jessica is able to provide a realistic 100 to 170 mm opening so that you derive an enormous amount of satisfaction from her. Her joints are made in a unique way that lets you move them around to any imaginable position. Pose Jessica with her little pink pussy lips and throbbing clit in full view, ready for you to finger and lick them before you split her open wide with your huge pole. Enjoy the reverse cowgirl with no awkwardness at all when you use Jessica.

When you use a sex doll like Jessica, you can also stroke, lick, fuck and motor boat her delicious breasts. Use your imagination when it comes to fucking and enjoying Jessica. With such a tireless and non-judgemental partner, you will be limited only by your own imagination. Jessica can provide you with a great deal of satisfaction when you are fucking her, that is true. However, did you know that Jessica can also improve your overall sex life as well.

By using her on a consistent basis, you can eventually minimize the effects of premature ejaculation. This common male trait is the result of extreme sensitivity on your dick and a highly intense sense of excitement and anticipation. By fucking Jessica often and in a variety of positions, you will be able to work up to a respectable amount of time before you feel the uncontrollable urge to shoot your sizable load all over her sexy and horny body.

Sales & Returns:
All sales are final. We do not offer refunds or exchanges of any kind. The doll pictures are for illustration purposes and may or may not reflect the actual doll due to customization and manufacturing processes.

17 reviews for Blonde Jessica

  1. 5 out of 5


    I fell in love with Blonde Jessica first because of the price. She was half off, and I couldn’t believe I could

    get such a realistic sex doll for so low a price. Usually you have to lay out a LOT more cash before you

    can get something this realistic. Every time I pose her over the back of the couch I can’t help but think

    how lucky I am. Jessica is absolutely gorgeous and in a short time has already become the girl of my

    dreams. I debated Blonde Amy, but Jessica won out. I’m so glad she did.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Jeseka Es very gud, I love me dolle n she luvs me 2 I fuk every nite and it fells realy nice

  3. 5 out of 5


    great product

  4. 5 out of 5


    i couldn’t be happier in any way shape or form jessica is the hottest “Fake” girl i coulda everr imagined. A real life sex doll? Well, not real, but as real as a sex doll can possibly be. If she was real I’m not even sure i would prefer that because then i wuld hav to buy her crap and talk to her this is just so much easier to just have sex with and no hear her talk before or after and whenever i want i mean come on is this a joke how easy it is? I love love love my new jessica sex doll!

  5. 5 out of 5


    I wanted a sex doll that was as flexible as possible. I didn’t want one of those inflated things that is practically hideous. And I didn’t want to get by with some kind of handheld thing, or some other kind of masturbator. Those just didn’t hold any appeal to me. I wanted a doll I could hold close and that would make me feel like I was with a real girl. Jessica is that real girl. I’m very happy with her and I would gladly recommend her to anybody who is in the market for something like this.

  6. 5 out of 5


    I lost my virginity to this little sex-bomb blonde girl. Ever since then, I’ve had a weakness for blondes. I’m a happily married man and my wife is a brunette. I sometimes want a change of pace, and I don’t want to cheat on my wife, but she doesn’t like the idea of wearing a blonde wig. So I bought Blonde Jessica and I keep her in my den, out of the way in the closet. When my wife’s away, Jessica and I have a little party. It’s every bit as hot as it sounds… and it’s keeping my marriage together, so I can’t complain.

  7. 5 out of 5


    IF a hot babe is wat i was looking for then i found her right here. JESSICA baby you my girl. I have smashed her about 50 times the past couple months and she still feels just like a virgin, tight and wet as hell (with a little lube of course).

  8. 5 out of 5


    THIS IS EFFING INSANE HOW AWESOME JESSICA IS! The most amazing thing about her besides her gorgeous face, ass, and pussy is the simple factt that i can screw her 24 hours a day and shell never complain! hahahah this is like every guys fantasy I’m shocked i never heard about these sex dolls before this is the best thing that I’ve found in a rely really really long ass time.

  9. 5 out of 5


    After thinking abuot buying a sex doll for a couple days i finanlly decided to pull the trigger and buy one and thought that this blonde jessica was the obvious choice because even though Im not set on blondes, she is by far the hottest one on the site. I was nervous that the packaging would say “DOlloza” on it but it was just a blank box, which is good for me because I dont want my neighbors knowing I ordered a F*ing sex doll! I took it out of the box and used her right away. Way better than masturbating for sure but to be honest its a little weird having sex with a doll the 1st time, but now Im used to it and I dont beat off at all anymore. Highly recommended to anyone!

  10. 5 out of 5


    bueno. bueno bueno. BEST SEX DOLL IVE EVER HAD!

  11. 5 out of 5


    After a long marriage I got to thinking that I wanted to get back out there and date. I’m good looking enough for it, I guess, even at my age, but honestly, the idea of dating scared the hell out of me. There are just too many scary diseases out there. When I’m with Blonde Jessica I never have to worry that I’m going to catch something. It’s the ultimate in safe sex, but yet, I’m still with a real, full-sized woman, and not just touching myself with some kind of toy. I love knowing that I’m completely safe.

  12. 5 out of 5


    The best purchase Ive made in a long ars time, no joke. I would never tell anyone of my friends that I actually own a sex doll and it was definitely weird the first couple times but i seriously love this thing! Im just pissed I didnt buy one years ago. The doll itself is pretty much setup and good to go when i got it. For sure, for sure, for sure you need to use lubrication. Its like banging a dry vagina otherwise. Either use KY or some vaginal lube or spit or some type of lotion. This doll feels so much better than bating no doubt and shes sexy as all hell. I actually am considering buying 1 more sex doll here just to mix it up. Highly, highly, highly recommended.

  13. 5 out of 5


    I thought the website was joking when it said you could use Blonde Jessica to decorate your living space, but honestly, this doll looks great and she brightens up every space, as if you have a beautiful model on call to hang out wherever you want her. I bought her a bunch of different sexy outfits and now I dress her up all the time. She’s incredible and I love playing around with her. Sure, I get some funny looks from friends and family sometimes, but I like to move her around my apartment. Everyone should own a Jessica.

  14. 5 out of 5


    Jessica is the real deal. No joke. No doubt. 100% i will have sex with her fer the next 365 days i bet since its already been about 20 days in a row and I’m going strong. The one complaint is the shipping time took a little longer or maybe i was just impatient because i was super horny to have sex with this super sexy sex doll but once she got to me it was game over, F**K fest all day and nite!

  15. 4 out of 5


    I wish my jessica doll was shipped a little quicker whichh is why I only gave 4 stars instead of 5 stars, but besides the shipping tiem I am absolutely in love with my sex doll. Ive owned a couple fleshlights and other pocket pussy devices, but never a full on life size sex doll. I was pretty intimidated at 1st because 1. its just crazy to buy a sex doll, 2. I thought the package would be huge and my neighbors would know i ordered a sex doll, and 3. I didnt know how it would feel and 4. it is still pretty expensive even though Dolloza is the cheapest site selling these. Even after all my concerns the doll came unmarked in a box so no one knew what it was if they saw it outside and it stores easily under my bed and she feels incredible. I would highly recommend in a second to anyone even considering buying a sex doll to buy blonde jessica (I cant comment on the other models since I only have jessica).

  16. 5 out of 5


    rub a dub dub get in the tub! I hookup with jessica in the shower, tub, bedroom, everywher around my house anytime day or nite and don’t have to buy her anything! Its just sex sex sex with a sex doll no problems and she’s hot and her pussy feels so f*cking amazing all the time!!!

  17. 4 out of 5


    I’m one of those guys who likes to size up a girl and estimate her measurements. It makes me feel like some kind of 1970s playboy. When I’m out in public checking out the talent on display, I like to estimate each girl’s measurements. When I looked at Blonde Jessica I knew she had perfect measurements, just like the website says, and I knew I would be very happy once I got her into bed. I had her shipped to me and I was very pleased when she finally arrived. I rate Jessica a five out of five stars, if you want a number.

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