Sex Doll Brunette Natalie 5
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Brunette Natalie

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Product Description

Natalie is a sexy yet sophisticated brunette bombshell ready for sexual action anytime you want to give it to her.

Detailed Description

Beautiful brunette Natalie looks like she could be a model. With her dark complexion, dark eyes and shoulder length dark hair, this sex doll has a distinctive Latin look to her. While she is 5′ 4″ high, there is nothing petite about the rest of her body. You will find that Natalie has plenty to offer when it comes to those most sought after womanly traits.

Natalie’s body and skin are designed using a poly resin material that is very similar to silicon. Careful research has gone into this type of material and it has been chosen because of its unique properties. One of these properties is the fact that it feels incredibly like real skin. This attribute makes the tactile nature of sex even more heightened so that you have a better experience. Natalie’s skin is able to ‘give’ like your skin so that it really feels very much like a real woman when you are handling her.

Natalie boasts some measurements that make her the ideal woman. She has a tiny waist, sloping hips and a perky little butt. Her huge breasts easily fill at least a D cup bra making her easy to find extra clothes if you want to change her. In an effort to continue with the realistic nature of Natalie’s design, she also has a realistic pussy. Just like the pussies of real women, Natalie’s pussy is equipped with all those luscious and sexy folds of skin that make exploring it exciting and cum inducing.

Natalie has a vibrant and large clit that loves to be fingered and explored. In addition, this sex doll encourages multiple holes of fun with both its vagina and anus available for such sexual encounters. These holes measure between 100 and 170 mm so that they are able to give you the best and tightest experience that you can imagine.

Unlike the sex dolls of the not too distant past, Natalie is an absolute joy to look at and to touch. She is able to be partially deflated to make it easier for her to be transported and stored. In addition, you can always have Natalie at the ready by leaving her fully inflated at all times. You can dress her in an array of different outfits to suit your mood or the occasion and she can then become a valuable part of your decorating scheme. She truly is a work of art.

Natalie gives you all of the benefits of having a girlfriend without any of the risks. After all, there is probably no one man alive who has not wined and dined a woman only to be denied the opportunity to fuck her when he wanted to do so. With Natalie you never have to worry that she will not spread her legs wide and put out for you. She is your sex doll and you call all the shots in your relationship with her.

You do not ever have to worry about getting her pregnant because the condom broke. Nor do you need to worry that Natalie will be on her period and bleeding so heavily that sex is almost more trouble than it is worth on that one day when you can really use the sexual release. Sexually transmitted diseases and a total lack of female drama are two other aspects of dealing with sex with real women that you will not need to be concerned about when you choose spend your time and energy with a beautiful sex doll like Natalie.

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7 reviews for Brunette Natalie

  1. 5 out of 5


    You know how they say when you find just the right girl, you’ll look her in the eyes and you’ll just know? That’s how I felt about Brunette Natalie the first time I laid eyes on her. Every doll on the site is sexy and every doll has incredible curves and features. They all look like the kind of women we wish we could meet when we go out. But something about Rebecca just spoke to me. I could tell that I would enjoy her most of all. So ordered her, and I have never been so happy. Thanks, Dolloza!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Brunette Natalie first caught my eye when I cruised through the site’s selection. While the budget price caught my eye, what made me really interested were Natalie’s incredible curves. This girl just looks so real. I like a dark haired, dark-complexioned girl, and Natalie just makes my day. I really like how she looks, and I love how she feels. This doll is amazing and probably better than the real thing. Every guy who likes himself a dark haired girl should pick himself up a Brunette Natalie. When I run my fingers through her hair I am glad she’s mine.

  3. 4 out of 5


    I feel like I never want to leave my house now. With Natalie at home there’s just no reason to go out. From the moment she first showed up on my doorstep, to today, I have been fantasizing every day about coming home to her. When I’m out during the day, all I can think about is coming home to have sex with her. Then later, when we’re done, it’s nice to be lying in bed with her next to me. Now I am never alone and I am never without sex. It’s really a wonderful life change for me

  4. 4 out of 5


    Natalie is not just a doll. She is genuinely a work of art. Whoever sculpted this gorgeous woman really knew what he was doing. Or she. I suppose it might have taken an artistic woman to come up with such a beautiful figure. Natalie is probably more beautiful than any woman I’ve met or fantasized about, including celebrities. That’s part of what makes having her be mine, all mine, such a wonderful thing. Sometimes I can’t believe that I can do whatever I want with her. It’s good to know she’s mine, and it’s a real turn on every time I finally take her in hand.

  5. 5 out of 5


    I am not ashamed to say that I have really enjoyed Natalie, strenuously and repeatedly. There aren’t a lot of girls who can hold up to my libido. I am ravenous when it comes to sex, and this has intimidated or driven off more than a few girlfriends. It has also worn out a few of them who were otherwise willing. That’s why I finally decided to buy a Natalie doll. I wanted a girl I could use as often as I wanted and never feel like she was going to leave me or get worn out. I am doing my best to wear out Brunette Natalie, but so far, she shows no signs of slowing down.

  6. 4 out of 5


    After what seemed like weeks of waiting, staring at the calendar, anxiously hoping for my Natalie to arrive, she finally did. I don’t think I have ever been more impatient for a purchase in my life. Natalie met all of my expectations. She is very nicely made, shaped to match even the hottest model, and durable enough to hold up to my weight on her, going to town on her. I love being with her and I hope to stay with her for a long time to come.

  7. 4 out of 5


    I am stunned by Natalie. She is a smoking hot little ball of fire. When I take her to bed and hold her against me, or when I pose her on my furniture in whatever position I desire, I know that I am the one in charge. I have never been with a girl this good looking, so the doll was actually even kind of intimidating at first. Once I realized that she was there for me, that I was the man in charge, my whole life improved. Now I walk with the confidence that comes with having a naked little hottie in my bed all the time.

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