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Brunette Stacy

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Product Description

Stacy is a gorgeous brunette sex doll with a perfect vagina, tits, and ass. She will make you cum all day and night and is ready for a good pounding anytime you want to give it to her.

Detailed Description

Brunette Stacy has the model looks that you have been looking for in a partner. From her long dark hair that gently cascades past her shoulders, her generously rounded breasts with their erect nipples standing eagerly at attention and her luscious, clean shaven pussy lips whose clit begs you to play with it, Stacy is the ultimate love partner for your next sexual encounter. Her life like skin is smooth, free of imperfections and ‘gives’ just like real skin.

Our scrumptious Stacy likes to be fucked in exactly the same way you do. Want to go slow and nibble her hard on inspiring tits before moving on the take in all of her juicy pussy lips and delightful clit that invite you to spread them open wide before plunging into them? Stacy’s pussy measures a lifelike 100 to 170 mm in order to ensure that you obtain the most realistic fucking of your life. Stacy’s perfect little anus is also designed for you to finger fuck it or give her the butt fucking of a lifetime.

Designed of a material that closely mimics real skin, Stacy is not a blow up doll made of cheap and easily torn plastic. Instead she is semi inflatable to allow you to easily store her when you are not fucking the daylights out of her. Another way that our Stacy sex doll is vastly different than those cheaply made blow up dolls is the fact that she can easily be bent and contorted into nearly any position to both allow you easy access to her waiting holes and to finally realize your lifelong sexual fantasies.

Clocking in at a petite 5′ 4″ tall, you can easily bend Stacy over so that her sweet little ass is perched invitingly in the air, waiting on you to fill it as she grabs at her ankles. Add a little lube and fuck both her ass and pussy alternately without having to be concerned with the transfer of your lover’s bacteria from her ass to her pussy. In fact, the fact that you will not have to worry about diseases at all is one of the many advantage of using Stacy to satisfy your sexual urges the next time you feel them cumming over you!

Stacy can handle whatever kind of sexual acrobatics you throw out at her and without complaint. With her huge D cup tits, Stacy provides you with the perfect place to streamline your titty fucking technique. She is also a great partner if you want a lover who is non judgmental and who can help you work on your pre-ejaculation issue. Stacy will never complain if you put her ankles by her ears while you pound her pussy or her ass for long minutes – or even hours – throughout the day.

While Stacy comes to you dressed in a super sexy outfit, you can easily dress and undress her to suit your whims. Have her don that nurse’s outfit as she nibbles on your pole to help you feel your very best. Or dress her in a leather and lace as you slap her perky little ass cheeks while you fill her with your load from behind. With Stacy, you are in total control of your own sexual experience.

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7 reviews for Brunette Stacy

  1. 4 out of 5


    I like an older girl who has some experience. I have always had a MILF fetish. Well, Stacy is the perfect fit for me. She has just the right sophisticated look, but she also has the incredible body I want in a sexy lady. I like long dark hair like hers, and I enjoy stroking her realistic skin. I have to keep reminding myself that Stacy isn’t real, because to be honest, I keep forgetting she won’t just get up and walk around my apartment. I’m head over heels in love with a beautiful girl and her name is Stacy.

  2. 4 out of 5


    I’ve finally achieved my fantasy of having not one, but two girls at the same time. I own a Stacy and an Amy. They make a great pair. I like to dress them up in miniskirts and sweaters like something out of a pop duo music video. My girls keep me company. They are so well sculpted and so finely crafted that I am sure we will be together for many years.

  3. 2 out of 5


    eh. pretty good but was expecting more.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Brunette Stacy is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever been with. I like to take pictures of myself in bed with her. If you pose them just right, in the right lighting, nobody can tell that she’s not actually alive. Then you can use those photos to impress your friends or, even better, make women jealous. Women always want what they think at first they can’t have, so I have used Stacy as a valuable tool for bagging other chicks. Of course, I have to hide her in the closet when they come over, but Stacy hasn’t complained once.

  5. 3 out of 5


    I was settling into a single life and pretty much resigning myself to not dating, for a variety of reasons. Discovering Dolloza was literally life-changing, because it helped me to realize that I didn’t just have to go without a sexual outlet. I could be single, comfortable with myself, and yet have sexual release in a way that feels very much like the real thing if not better. The Brunette Stacy doll I bought was very affordable and is a high-quality sex toy. I am very satisfied. Highly recommended.

  6. 3 out of 5


    Beautiful Stacy, how I love you so! This is a good doll. She is sexy and she feels good and she looks good. You should buy her. That’s what I told myself and I was right. I am falling in love with my Stacy and I think I could just stay in bed with her all the time. I wish I could take her into the hot tub (that’s not a good idea). I would if I could. But what I do is put her in a tiny bikini and let her hang around while I’m in the tub, and then I get out and I have sex with her and it feels amazing. Thanks, Dolloza.

  7. 4 out of 5


    Stacy has to be on the cutting edge of erotic technology. It is amazing when you think that a few years ago, something like Stacy didn’t exist, and when technology like this was first introduced, it cost thousands and thousands of dollars. If I had that kind of money I would gladly pay it if that is what it took to get a Stacy doll, but I don’t, so I’m glad that Stacy didn’t cost anywhere near as much. I have really enjoyed her and there is nothing bad I can say about the quality of this doll.

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